On June 29th 2015, the precious bergamot fruit was back on stage for the 
Fifteenth edition of " BergaFest 2015" and for the Tenth consignment of
the mandate of Bergamot Ambassador, who has invested of this important role
 some important personalities of culture, medicine, business, research, 
communication and gastronomy.
During the event was also celebrated the prize of the"Golden Snuffbox 2015", 
a rare award given to those who have distinguished themselves with egregious 
actions in favor of bergamot.
The price this year went to H&AD Ltd. that has been able to use the "pulp" 
of bergamot to create a patent that aims to treatment of hypercholesterolemia 
and fatty liver. A Golden Snuff Box made with the peel of bergamot fruit, was 
consigend to our CEO, Maria Concetta Tripodi. She said that: 
"this important patent enables the production of different pharmaceuticals,
 especially in the field of cardiology."