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pure water in nature matrices

Our products are true concentrates of well-being: only the natural quality of green chemistry. All the products, both those that are now known and used for decades, and the new ones, have incredible and scientifically proven properties, as you can see from the technical data sheets which you can get by linking the individual items on this page.

It is estimated that 70,000 plant species can be interesting for health. To date only 5,000 have been studied, according to OMS data.

The vegetable matrices world is in strong evolution, which promises a lot in the field of food supplements and health. In the production of food supplements derived from any type of permitted plants, the person who places them on the market is responsible. It must have all the documents and certifications capable of guaranteeing the quality of the finished product at all stages.



BERGACYN® is an innovative and unique combination of Bergamot plus Cynara Cardunculus extract.



Bergamot PolyImproves overall biomarkers of hyperlipemia via reduction of serum cholesterol...



Has many properties both when used on its own and when it is made with other extracts.