BERGACYN® is an innovative and unique combination of Bergamot plus Cynara Cardunculus extract.

It represents the best natural and safer non pharmacological intervention for counteracting NAFLD. Fat accumulation, mostly associated to Fatty Liver Disease, hypertension and imbalances in glico-lipidemic levels, leads to increased cardiovascular risk.
  • Bergacyn® is a patented standardized extract of Citrus Bergamia and Cynara Cardunculus extract .
  • Bergacyn® has been shown to improve liver function in obese patients, thereby playing a role in counteracting dysregulation of glyco-lipemic metabolism.

Recently, in clinical settings, Bergacyn® has been shown to lead to reduction of body weight and to contribute in fat “browning”, reducing inflammation and pro-atherogenic mechanisms. This represents a right, natural and effective solution to antagonize the systemic impact of fat accumulation and to prevent cardiometabolic disorders. 


People are suffering from Metabolic Syndrome worldwide


People experienced concomitant Fatty Liver Disease


Of patients with Metabolic Syndrome and Fatty Liver undergo Heart Failure and Cancer

Proliferation of cardiac stem cells

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